JBS granted injunction against Greenpeace

A Brazilian court has granted meat giant JBS an injunction against Greenpeace forcing the environmental organisation to immediately withdraw a daming report accusing JBS of collaborating in deforestation, which was published last week (6 June).

The injunction was issued yesterday (13 June) in Sao Paulo, by Judge Sergio Divinio Carvalho, less than a week after JBS’s issued a strongly worded denial of the report, describing it as defamatory, frivolous and unfounded. It had vowed to follow all the available legal channels to repair material damage done to the image of the Company by the report, which it said “induced the public to draw erroneous conclusions regarding the reality of the facts.”

However, Greenpeace have yet to comment on JBS’s claim that it had acknowledged that the report contained “serious errors”.

They had previously called on the company to implement the full minimum criteria of the Cattle Agreement and immediately end all relationships with farms that have proven links to Amazon destruction, as well as calling on the Brazilian government to back these measure with a legal framework.

In response, UK retailers inlcuding Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda, as well as food company Princes, announced that they had severed their ties with JBS.

A Greenpeace report released in 2009 claimed that numerous major global brands – including UK supermakets – were fuelling the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by sourcing beef for pies, canned meats and ready meals from suppliers linked to illegal deforestation. The pressure led to four of Brazil’s leading beef suppliers, JBS-Friboi, Marfrig, Bertin and Minerva, signing an agreement to support a ban on the purchase of cattle from illegally deforested areas of the Amazon.

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