Food hygiene ratings receive greater acceptance
Published:  11 July, 2013

More food businesses are displaying top food hygiene ratings, research has shown.

Research commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and carried out via an audit and telephone survey, revealed the positive results.

The number of food businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland displaying stickers and certificates from the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), launched in 2010, has increased. Fifty-two per cent of food businesses in England now display an FHRS sticker (+9%), in Wales it is up by 16% to 47% and the number of businesses displaying FHRS stickers in Northern Ireland has risen by 7% to 57%.

According to the survey, the main reason why businesses were displaying the stickers was so customers could see “we are hygienic” and because “we are proud of the score”. Meanwhile, some businesses displayed the FHRS stickers because they thought it was mandatory.

A third of businesses in each country said they had perceived some positive benefit from displaying.

Those not displaying the stickers said it was because it was not compulsory, they had not got around to it yet, or it did not suit the business or its surroundings and it was not company policy to display it. Others said they did not display the sticker because they were either concerned with the scheme and disagreed with the science, they did not like the rating system or they received a poor score.

As such, the FSA concluded that the overall increase was not uniform across all ratings and sectors and said there was still a clear correlation between rating and display.