NBA welcome for Belgians
Published:  30 June, 2006

The National Beef Association is to assist the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union with the organisation of a visit to Scotland and other parts of the UK by a large party of potential buyers from Belgium. The request was made by Jean-Luc Meriau

x, the secretary general for the union.

"The visiting group has a wide range of interests and its members are looking to purchase high quality breeding cattle, commercial cattle and meat products from all part of the UK," explained NBA policy development officer, Kim-Marie Haywood. "One of the most influential visitors will be Benoit Lucyx, who is secretary-general of the Livestock and Meat Trading Union in Belgium. He has told us he welcomes the opportunity to visit the UK and hopes it will result in the successful negotiation of new trading contracts.He is excited about the opportunities that the re-opening of exports from the UK offer the Belgian beef industry," Haywood added.