Storm ravages pig production

A loss of power after a winter storm hit the state of Iowa in the USA has hit pork producers hard but the situation for many could worsen if electrical service is not restored soon a news report said.

According to data from the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA), in a report on Pig Progress.net, the counties of Chickasaw, Howard, Tama and Washington are among the harder hit areas for pork producers.

It is reported that many farmers are using generators to protect their livestock and to keep their operations running, but producers said they would need an electricity service soon.

Farmers are concerned about the need for long-term electricity for local feed mills and livestock water supplies, the report states.

The state of Iowa is offering assistance to livestock producers and others in the agriculture sector hit hard by the storm.

It was reported that one producer said that the roofs of three of his pig buildings collapsed from the weight of the ice and snow, but the animals in the buildings had been safely moved. Another said one animal was killed when the roof of one of his finishing buildings collapsed.