Devon slaughtermen have licences revoked

Slaughtermen caught abusing animals in secret filming at the Tom Lang slaughterhouse in Devon have had their licences revoked, the MHS has announced.

Two of the men filmed by Animal Aid footage are now no longer allowed to slaughter animals in slaughterhouses at the present time, while a third man has been given a written warning.

Tom Lang’s owner has also made it clear that he will work with authorities to ensure such cruelty does not occur again, the MHS added. The slaughterhouse has now employed a foreman to supervise operations and installed CCTV to record the slaughtering process. The MHS has also reiterated that it is not solely up to vets to ensure that animal legislation is complied with, but is also the responsibility of the abattoir.

MHS chief executive Steve McGrath said: “We ensure our own staff have the most up-to-date knowledge on animal welfare regulations. However, our vets cannot – nor should there be a need for them to – watch the slaughterer kill every individual animal and bird. Full responsibility for animal welfare and supervising slaughterers rests with the operators of slaughterhouses.

“We have the power to introduce additional veterinary checks on animal welfare at slaughter or require slower line speeds for carcases, if we see evidence of animal welfare breaches.”