Supplies still high despite weather

Butchers and supermarkets insist they are keeping meat on the country’s tables during the deep freeze.

There are no product shortages in the industry, report trade associations, while any delivery delays because of snowy roads have not affected canny butchers, who always have well-stocked cold rooms.

Chief executive of the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders Grahm Bidston said most butchers kept at least one week’s worth of stock, which meant they did not have supply problems.

“One or two have said it has been quiet, as customers have found it hard to get into town centres, but then it’s always a bit slacker in the weeks after Christmas,” he said.

Douglas Scott, head of the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders’ Association, said the weather had even benefited butchers in his region. “Shoppers are not going into town centres, but buying locally – I hope it will open people’s eyes to what they’ve got on their doorstep.”

Tesco reported that there had been no panic-buying of meat and that all deliveries had been able to get through the snow to stores, while Sainsbury’s and Asda also insisted that the weather had not caused them any problems.

The British Retail Consortium added that there was no evidence retailers were having difficulties getting enough supplies to meet normal levels of customer demand.