Red Tractor revamp aims for clarity

Meat assurance schemes have been rebranded under the Red Tractor logo to create clearer labelling for shoppers.

Assured Food Standards (AFS), which promotes the Red Tractor, has renamed Assured Chicken Production (ACP) as Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Poultry;  Assured British Meat (ABM) as Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Beef and Lamb; and Assured British Pigs (ABP) as Red Tractor Farm Assurance – Pigs.

AFS chief executive David Clarke said: “Promotion of assured food to consumers using the Red Tractor logo is getting an ever-increasing profile and it is essential that all sector standards include the same core values. Rebranding the schemes will link the farm logo with the consumer Red Tractor logo and help shoppers identify that the products they are buying are from a Red Tractor farm.”

AFS said there were few major changes under the rebranding, but there would be a more joined-up approach; the scheme’s 45,000 farmers and growers will receive new manuals next month to help them meet industry standards for their sector, which take effect in April.

New funding from the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board will also help support the scheme.