EBLEX Beefs Up St George

Celebrity chef and English gentleman Brian Turner urged the public to rediscover national identity and celebrate with beef on St George's Day yesterday.

EBLEX's 'Celebrate with Beef' campaign saw Turner and St George's beefcakes take over St Pancras International. Together, 'les Rosbifs' welcomed commuters with the taste of tradition and encouraged all to raise forks and celebrate St George.

Turner said: "It's very sad how little people actually know about St George's Day. Just like our Scottish, Irish and Welsh friends, we English should be celebrating our heritage and history with one of the things we love most about England - its food.

"Being a Yorkshireman I believe this is roast beef and yorkshire pudding. It is said that if the ravens leave the Tower of London, the monarchy will die out.

"I believe if we stop celebrating St George's Day and all that is great about our country, we will lose our distinctive identity in Europe and no longer be known as Rosbifs."

According to a recent survey carried out by EBLEX, 70% of the population do not know who their patron saint is or what St George's Day commemorates.

Despite this, however, 75% of people questioned agreed that England should be proud of its heritage and eight out of 10 believed people should celebrate with traditional roast beef and yorkshire pudding.