Pork outperforms beef and lamb markets

Pork rose in a declining market for both lamb and beef last year, up 3% compared to lamb, which was down 9%. Beef sales were cut by 3%. As a result, pork grew its share of the meat market by 10% in December on the previous year.

Pork expenditure also rose, by 6% in 2009, totalling £843m. By comparison, lamb was down 3% and beef sales up 3%.

Only poultry performed as well, rising 6% in terms of expenditure, and up 3% in sales.

The Bpex figures show that average pork prices also rose by 3% during 2009.

Meanwhile, the deadweight average pig price (DAPP), the price paid by abattoirs to producers, is currently 6% higher compared to this time last year at 140p/kg.

Slaughterings in UK abattoirs were 10% up on a year ago, at 73,000. Over the course of 2009, however, there was only a 1% increase, totalling 9.3m.

According to the Bpex report, “Despite challenging weather during January, the supply of pigs to processors remained firm. The cold weather may have knock-on effects later in the year, due to the likelihood of adverse outcomes on productivity and mortality because of the low temperatures.”