60 lambs stolen from Basingstoke farm

Lambs aged between two and six years old have been stolen from Tile Barn farm, in Hampshire.

Part of a 250-strong flock, they are being reared for the Easter meat trade, although currently they are too small for the table.

The lambs were taken from pens in Cemetery Lane, Upton Grey and were found hours later, with three dead.

Shepherd Ron Jury, who lives at Tile Barn Farm, commented: “If the ewes don’t take the remainder, I will have to hand-rear them, which is a lot of work”.

PC Lee Coleshill, from Whitchurch police station, said: “We are looking for a vehicle that would be capable of carrying in excess of 60 lambs, so it may even be two vehicles, that were travelling around at that sort of time in Upton Grey, or along the M3.”