Rectory Foods launches 12-strong chicken range

A new range of frozen cooked chicken products is being launched in the foodservice market.

Rectory Foods, a global supplier of poultry and food ingredients, has developed a 12-strong range of chicken products under its Hot Chicken Company brand.

The range features premium chicken breast fillet pieces of coated chicken, in three popular styles – Southern Fried, Breaded or Battered. It also features breast fillets, goujons, bites, strips, wings, Hot Rox and Pop Rox, all made with quality whole muscle chicken breast.

There is also a range of frozen steam-cooked chicken breast fillets, strips and cubes, which the company said were perfect for fresh salads and sandwiches.

Available in 1kg bags, Rectory Foods said the range was quick and easy for busy chefs to prepare as they can be oven cooked for 12-20 minutes or deep fried in 3-6 minutes. The quality, taste and texture of each product is guaranteed for up to twelve months when kept frozen in a cold store.

Nick Bowyer, Managing Director of Rectory Foods says: “This is an exciting launch for Rectory Foods. Our Hot Chicken Company range is specifically designed for the foodservice sector, as a result of customer demand. The products are versatile and suitable for a wide range of dishes and occasions, giving chefs the opportunity to create innovative menus for today’s demanding consumers. Our team of chefs has worked hard to ensure that the range offers the right combination of flavours, product sizes and quality chicken pieces that diners will love.”