Developing a greener supply chain

Food industry representatives met academics and environmental experts in London last week to discuss how to develop a greener food and drink supply chain.

The event, jointly hosted by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and London Technology Network, was a key stepping stone in the work towards implementing FDF's Five-fold Environmental Ambition. Attendees included experts from the Carbon Trust, Environwise and WRAP.

Callton Young, FDF director of sustainability, said: "We are placing widespread adoption of best practice and partnership with Government best practice bodies at the heart of delivering our Five-fold Environmental Ambition.

"By hosting events such as this where companies can share knowledge and experience in areas such as energy efficiency, transport and waste reduction we hope to stimulate uptake of best practice throughout the food chain.

"We want companies to be inspired and take back to their places of work, ideas for making a real difference to the environment whether for direct application or future development. We only have one planet and must treat it as a precious resource both for now and for future generations."

The presentations and workshops held throughout the day focused on the areas of: carbon reduction; the environmental impact of packaging; waste prevention and recovery: and reducing the environmental impact of transport. Case studies by Tate & Lyle, Cadbury Schweppes and United Biscuits were amongst those used to demonstrate best practice methods in action.