National Butchers' Week aprons now available

Aprons for National Butchers' Week are now available to order from event organiser William Reed.

The aprons are said to 100% durable, designed to fit all sizes and are perfect for publicising the special week, running from 15-20 March 2010.

This year’s week takes a green theme, with the search to find the UK’s most environmentally responsible butcher.

Ed Bedington, editor of MTJ, said: “Butchers are starting to let us know what they’re up to on the environmental front, but the more who get in touch, the better the campaign will be. We want to hear from as many of you as possible to let us know what you’re up to – whether that’s simply setting up a recycling scheme or installing your own wind turbine system! There’s nothing too big or too small.

“We want to use your stories to help counter the flood of anti-meat environmental messages and show our sector is taking responsibility and doing its bit. So get in touch.”

To enter the hunt for the UK’s greenest, or just to let us know what initiatives you’ve put in place for National Butchers’ Week, contact Ed on 01293 846567, or email him on ed.bedington@william-reed.co.uk.

To order an apron, you need to fill an order form, which is available from Rachael Cannon, William Reed junior events executive. Aprons cost £12.50 each. You can contact Rachael on 01293 610433 or by email on rachael.cannon@william-reed.co.uk