The Whole Hog

Pig breeding company ACMC Ltd will hold a hog roast with its own breed of pigs at this year's British Pig and Poultry Fair.

Producers visiting the stand between noon and 2pm will be able to tuck into a free roll crammed with slow-roasted pork, stuffing and crackling. The rolls will be handed out on a first come, first served basis - but bacon butties, from locally-produced Yorkshire bacon, will be available for those who miss the roast.

Each producer will then be asked to fill out a ticket with their email address and herd size. The tickets will be entered into a prize draw, with a chance to win a Vantage boar worth £1,000.

The 'hog' will be freshly roasted on the showground by Mike Evison, a pig farmer who runs a 250-sow herd at Fitling, near Hull, East Yorkshire and 'Hot Trotters' - a hog-roasting business. The 85kg deadweight carcase will be the progeny from an ACMC AC1 female and a Vantage sireline boar. The company aims to demonstrate at first-hand that genetics which combine prolificacy, fast growth and efficient feed conversion can also enhance meat quality.

Hand-out material showing the financial benefits on the farm ? including how feed savings worth £6 per pig have been achieved over the past 10 years ? will also be available.

"In these particularly difficult times we wanted to take a positive approach while offering something tasty to cheer producers up," said James Hall, ACMC senior marketing manager.

"The organisers of the Fair aim to forge links with the entire supply chain. ACMC believes it is entering into the spirit of this."