Institute of Meat hands out annual awards

A total of 15 prizes were presented at the annual Institute of Meat and Meat Training Council Awards at Butchers’ Hall, London. Prizewinners came from widely differing meat industry backgrounds and ages.

Congratulating the prizewinners on their awards, the chairman of the MTC Bill Jermey said “It’s good to see a wide range of ages among the prizewinners. It goes to show that you never stop learning.”

For many of the prizewinners, it was their first visit to Butchers’ Hall. The Master of the Worshipful Company of Butchers’, Jeffrey Davies, told them that 95% of liverymen of the Company were connected in some way with the meat trade.

He went on to thank Fred Mallion, who had announced each of the prizewinners, for everything he had given to the meat industry and education over many years.

The Master of the Poulters Company presented the Poulters’ Company Award.

Prizewinners: The Lord Graham Endeavour Award – Madeliene Seeker (Greggs); The Kenneth Jenkins Cup – Darren Shaw (Brown Bros); The Edkins Apprentice of the Year Cup - Matt Lee (Meat Ipswich).

The Meat Trades Journal Award for Cleaning and Support Services – Moira Hughes (ICM); The British Poultry Council Award – Daniel Townsend (Network Training Services); The NFMFT Award – Mark Chalmers (Telford College).

The Improve NVQ Centre of the Year – Back Up Training and Recruitment Training; Oakfield Foods Trophy for NVQ Level 2 Cleaning and Support Services – Stanley Hill (Telford College).

The Seymour Manufacturing International Food Manufacturing Award – Andrew March (University of Lincoln); Bernard Matthews Ltd – Katya Brambashka (Vion); The Worshipful Company of Poulters’ Award – James Taylor Garthwaite (Thomas Danby College).

The Worshipful Company of Butchers’ Trophy for Excellence in Training – Telford College; The WCB Perpetual Cup for Outstanding Achievement – Tom Exton (Thomas Danby College).

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