Kendall wins third term as NFU president

NFU president Peter Kendall has been re-elected for a third term after securing more than 75% of the vote from NFU Council members.

Voting at the Annual General Meeting in Birmingham also saw Meurig Raymond re-elected as deputy president to serve his third term and dairy board chairman Gwyn Jones elected to fill the vacant vice-president post. The new office holder team will serve the NFU for two years.

Kendall said: “I am pleased to be working with Meurig for another term, and I would also like to welcome Gwyn to the team. He’s been dairy board chairman for six years and he brings a vast amount of experience and a successful track record of working in Europe on dairy and animal welfare issues. We have lots of work ahead, not least the reform of CAP and dealing with bovine TB.

“As this year’s conference has demonstrated, productive agriculture is at the heart of the political agenda and it will be our job to ensure the next government fully understands how farming can deliver the food we need and protect our environment.”

NFU director general Martin Haworth added: “This is a very important and challenging time for British agriculture and I am looking forward to working with the new team.”

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