RSPCA to demand abattoir CCTV

Animal charity the RSPCA has called for all abattoirs to have CCTV installed in them to improve animal welfare.

The charity is looking into having cameras installed in approved slaughterhouses for its Freedom Food scheme and is urging other plants to follow its lead.

RSPCA farm animal science deputy head John Avizienius said: “All farmed animals deserve to have a painless and humane end to their lives. This is why we believe this is such an important step forward, as CCTV not only acts as a ‘preventative’ measure, but also allows proper evidence to be collected if animal welfare is suspected of being compromised.

“We will be consulting with industry to ensure that CCTV becomes mandatory in all RSPCA standards and therefore Freedom Food-approved abattoirs; and are calling for all slaughterhouses in the country to follow suit.”

Currently, around half of the Freedom Food-accredited abattoirs are said to already have CCTV installed in them and the announcement has received the backing of fellow animal welfare organisations.

Joyce D’Silva, Compassion in World Farming public affairs director, said: “Compassion in World Farming is delighted that Freedom Food-approved slaughterhouses will now install CCTV and we are sure that this innovation will help to ensure that animal welfare rules will be properly enforced.

“We hope that CCTV will become compulsory in all EU slaughterhouses as a matter of urgency.”

According to the RSPCA, the Soil Association has said it is in the early stages of drafting such a change into its organic standards as well.

In December, vegetarian charity Animal Aid called on all British abattoirs to have CCTV installed in them after it released damning video evidence of animal abuse in UK slaughterhouses.

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