Cranswick shelves meat crisp plan

Cranswick has played down newspaper reports it is set to storm the UK snack market with the creation of a meat crisp.

According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, Cranswick had filed a patent to develop a crisp-type snack product made of "pulverised beef or turkey". Chief executive Bernard Hoggarth told the paper: "Instead of snacking on a beef-flavoured crisp, which is deep-fried in oil, I’d rather have a piece of actual beef. Yes, it’s a bit blue-sky thinking but I think it could take off – after all, people are happy to snack on Parma ham.”

He added the company envisaged selling the products in a Pringle-style tube, and would contain less fat than traditional potato-based crisps. The paper claimed Cranswick would be launching the product, following further lab tests, by the end of the year or early next year.

However, a spokesman for Cranswick said the product was unlikely to see the light of day any time soon: "It was a well developed concept, but one we have decided to can until further notice. We will continue to innovate, but this development is not due to see the light of day imminently."