Scotch beef ads target 1.8m Londoners

A new phase in Quality Meat Scotland’s (QMS), £500,000 campaign has been launched in London underground stations.

QMS will be using the same large over-the-track billboards as in previous campaigns, and selecting stations used by target consumers.

“The tube ads allow us to use the high visual impact of a billboard, but because the viewers are closer and looking at it for a longer period we can use far more detail than otherwise enabling us to better tell the story behind the product,” said Laurent Vernet, head of marketing for QMS.

“This campaign again highlights the tradition, welfare and quality of Scotch Beef and underlines the promises that come from the logo and PGI marque,” Vernet added.

The campaign will also include an in-store promotion in nearly 100 supermarkets across England, and sampling in selected wholesalers.

Latest figures from independent research firm, Kantar Worldpanel, show there are more 28-34 year olds being attracted into the Scottish Origin Beef category, due to the preference for eating at home over dining out.

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