Pork and caramel boost for National Butchers' Week

A Cumbrian butcher has triumphed in a Scottish competition to seek out the perfect banger to promote National Butchers’ Week.

An unlikely combination of pork and caramel proved to be a surprise hit among Scottish testers, and butcher Mark Duckworth has now netted himself £500 and his creation is to be distributed to all Scottish Craft Butchers to mark National Butchers’ Week, next week.

Mark, who runs Dales Traditional Butchers in Kirkby, Lonsdale, said: “I was stunned to find out that I had won the top prize in a Scottish competition, but knew that the blend would probably go down well. I have won the National Beef Sausage Championship in the past, so we know that we make good sausages.”

Scotland’s craft butchers will launch the new sausage in National Butchers’ Week, which runs from 15-20 March. More than 450 craft butchers’ shops throughout Scotland have received the winning recipe to enable them to make this latest invention.

The competition got under way last November, when consumers were invited to suggest a sausage that Scottish Craft Butchers might develop into a saleable product. Entry forms were filled in from butchers’ shops up and down the country and many zany ideas were dreamt up. From those, 20 were selected as ideas that were original and could possibly make an interesting sausage.

Butchers tried out the ideas and those who thought they had struck on a winning recipe submitted their ‘inventions’ for judgment on Friday 12 February. A panel of sausage lovers evaluated 14 different varieties represented by 30 separate entries on the way to selecting the best.

The winning sausage came out of the blue, with most judges doubting the combination of pork and caramel. However, organisers said doubts were dispelled the moment the judges tucked into the innovative bangers.

Craft Butchers chief executive Douglas Scott said: “The addition of caramel in the pork sausages is certainly intriguing and the desire to taste will attract sales. When the customers taste the product we are convinced that they will be as pleasantly surprised as all our judges were.”

The suggestion for the Pork and Caramel Sausage came from 12-year-old Naomi Morris from Crieff, who will also receive a cheque.

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