Food sector job skills gap highlighted in survey

Job roles including factory managers, production staff and marketing are the main skill gaps for the food sector, according to a survey from a top recruiter.

Specialist recruiter Goldteam has found that almost two-thirds (60%) of organisations reported shortfalls within the sales and marketing function, while factory management and production came a close second.

Despite the volume of skills needed, less than a third of respondents, Goldteam added, were intending to actively recruit permanent members of staff and only a quarter expected their temporary workforce to grow.

Goldteam MD Naveed Ahmed said: “While many organisations are using agency workers to fill skill gaps, particularly in the food production arena, employers are wary about the legal risks surrounding Gangmaster Licensing.

“Obviously with the level of shortages cited by Improve, recruitment suppliers will have an important part to play and I believe that one of the key responsibilities of a recruiter is to mitigate any risks to the hiring organisation. For the food and drink industry, where your corporate reputation can mean the difference between securing a contract or being completely frozen out, it is vital that employers look carefully at their recruitment suppliers and choose those who are setting the benchmark of ethical and legal practices.”

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