Beef sales rise defies poor New Year retail market

In a month beset by falling retail meat sales, beef jumped 9% in January, with an 8% rise in volumes compared to the four weeks in 2009, according to the latest Bpex figures.

Volumes of lamb sold in January fell by 9%, after inching up by 1% in December, with the product particularly hit by snowbound conditions in the UK.

Pork roasting joints registered 50% less growth than the previous month, although pork overall rose by 5% in volume, far less than the January growth, but a sign of producers still benefiting from low grain prices.

Pork belly continued its rise as a popular recessionary cut, with its 8% rise on January 2009 but sliced, cooked pork meat fell by 5% in volume, after a 2% rise in December.

Figures are to be found in the March Bpex Pig Meat Market Update.

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