NFU re-elects Bourns as poultry chairman

Charles Bourns has been re-elected as NFU poultry board chairman for a further two years.

All three poultry vice-chairman have also been re-elected: Duncan Priestner as vice-chairman for eggs, Mike Bailey as vice-chairman for turkeys, and Nigel Joice as vice-chairman for broilers. All will also serve a two-year term.

“I will work hard to improve and sustain the profitability of our members as the UK economy comes out of recession and we enter an unknown financial climate,” said Bourns.

“Increasing the consumption of British eggs and poultry meat will be very high on my agenda. As we approach January 2012, I will continue to push for a fifth production indicator for eggs produced in enriched colony systems, as well as a ban on the inter-community trade of conventional caged eggs that could potentially be traded within the EU.”

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