Trading standards called on to demand assurance on beef origin

EBLEX, the AHDB Beef and Lamb Sector Company, has said allegations in the media that foreign imports are being passed off as British beef by caterers are very disappointing .

An NOP survey commissioned by EBLEX last year showed 60% of those questioned believed restaurants should provide written information on the country of origin of the meat they serve.

European Beef Labelling Regulations dictate that all beef should be labelled with its origin when supplied to catering establishments and EBLEX is confident reputable catering butchers provide correct information. Where it can be shown that the information is false action should be taken by Trading Standards authorities.

EBLEX chief executive, Richard Lowe, said: "We encourage all caterers to provide information to consumers about where their meat comes from and when it can be shown that false information has been given, Trading Standards must take action."