What is your product and what does it do?

Sharplok is a range of pad-less meat, fish and poultry trays, which use thermoforming technology to create reservoirs, specifically designed to retain excess moisture through surface tension, eliminating the need for an absorbent pad. New technology has allowed Sharp Interpack to create Sharplok+, doubling the reservoir capacity of the original Sharplok design. New demands from the Spanish poultry market to remove the soak-pad drove the move to increased liquor retention in the existing Sharplok design.

Who is it aimed at?

Meat, fish and poultry processing and packing companies.

When was it launched?

The original Sharplok was launched in 2003.

How will it improve someone's business?

The benefits of the original Sharplok design are demonstrated in the Sharpak 'F' range of fish trays. Introduction of the Sharplok technology resulted in a weight reduction of 21.67t in one year (May 2008 April 2009) the equivalent to the weight of seven African bull elephants or one million miles travelled by Intercity train. This also represented a CO2 reduction of 42.9t.