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Foody commenting on the PTF Chairman's speech: While I welcome Mr Stanton's comments, he does support the environmentalists' claims that the meat and dairy industry has a great detrimental effect on the environment and concedes that cutting meat and dairy consumption would go some way to cutting harmful emissions. Would it be fairer to tackle the issue in the form of a comprimise such as 'offsetting' greenhouse gases? Dairy products could be made more openly available to those people clocking up fewer car miles.


M. Rees left the following comment on the government decision over badgers and bovine TB: It's not so long ago that Peter Kendall was complaining that the government is doing nothing to stop the spread of bTB. What he meant, of course, was that they aren't slaughtering badgers. He should learn some of the lessons of the past: tough controls on cattle movements, a testing system that's reliable (not the flawed 'live' test which misses so much disease in herds) and area by area eradication (as was successfully practised in the 1960s and 1950s), will eventually sort out the problem.