Glass wall ruling announced for UK abattoirs

The government announced today that UK slaughterhouses will have to switch to 80% glass in their outside wall construction from 2013.

The proposal is to be trialled in Welsh abattoirs, before being rolled out nationwide, in a bid to quell growing concerns over animal welfare and the behaviour of UK slaughtermen.

Late last year a number of slaughtermen were suspended following their maltreatment of animals - government sources have admitted they believe there is plenty of similar activity taking place across the country.

According to a government spokesperson: “We have long considered that greater transparency in all aspects of the slaughter process was required for industry, partly as a way of upping standards.”

The move has been welcomed by animal rights campaigners, and proponents of greater transparency in UK slaughter.

Brett Collins, campaigning journalist and editor of green magazine Pure said: “The fact is that animals should not be killed as food for humans, and by showing people just what goes on in these places, meat eating should fall as a result.”

David Bambridge chief executive of the British Glass Alliance said: “If people in the meat industry have a problem with this, they will not have a problem with it very soon. Letting light in will benefit all aspects of the slaughter process.”

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