Lib Dems set out plans to create animal protection commission

The Liberal Democrats have said they will merge current quangos and create an Animal Protection Commission to investigate animal welfare abuses in their manifesto launch today (Wednesday).

The Lib Dems have also claimed they will work a proper enforcement of regulations for the transportation of live animals across all EU member states if they are elected to government.

The news comes as many other political parties launched their manifestos this week in the run-up to the General Election on 6 May.

In its manifesto launch yesterday (Tuesday), the UK Independence Party claimed that, by withdrawing from the EU, there would be benefits for animal welfare in UK and is set to launch a policy paper on welfare soon.

The Conservatives also pledged yesterday to promote high animal welfare standards and ensure that government procures locally-produced food wherever possible, working towards a zero-waste society.

Meanwhile Labour will bring forward animal welfare measures if re-elected and pledged to make British farming “profitable and competitive”.

Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru added in its manifesto launch yesterday that: “We need to make sure the new ‘Supermarket Ombudsman’, which Plaid has long called for, has the teeth it needs so that Welsh producers get a fair deal. We need changes to UK food labelling legislation, so that consumers have clear information on ‘place of farming’. Plaid Cymru will also oppose a UK Treasury livestock tax being imposed on Welsh farmers.”

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