Whether you call yourself a 'manager' or not, success in business depends on how well you manage not only other people, but also meetings, time and yourself. You need to be effective as well as industrious working smarter and getting more done with less effort and stress.

Like it or not, negotiation skills are an important part of today's increasingly competitive business environment. Interestingly, we never seem to have enough time to practice these skills, so what's the best way to get it right? When negotiating, it can be difficult to maintain a balance between keeping the relationship on track and agreeing a good deal. The following tried-and-tested negotiating techniques can be used in a wide variety of business situations and are aimed at ensuring you increase your profits while achieving a win-win result:

l Try to follow a systematic approach that works and learn how to use that approach when negotiating and achieve a win-win

l Acquire a solid set of planning skills and understand the negotiable range

l Enhance your communication and influencing skills to achieve successful results

l Learn new strategies and tactics for overcoming conflict and handling objections

l Obtain an inventory of tactics to draw upon and a toolbox of things that can be traded

l Increase your confidence to negotiate more often in any situation and get detailed feedback on your negotiation style.

Only consider win-lose negotiation if you do not need to have an ongoing relationship with the other party. Be honest, with your colleagues and suppliers; do not say, "I told you that would not work" after the event.




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