Best of both worlds

Cryogenic gas, equipment and services supplier Air Products has launched its most versatile freezer to date the Freshline DM tunnel freezer.

This flexible cryogenic freezing solution allows manufacturers to freeze individually quick-frozen (IQF) and non-IQF food products in a single machine. The unique two-in-one freezer is claimed to offer significant capital savings, as well as improved IQF quality in meat and poultry.

With UK frozen food retail sales now touching £5bn, Air Products added, many users of mechanical and cryogenic freezing systems are looking to increase capacity or extend their product lines. By allowing operators to switch easily between IQF and non-IQF products, without the need to change equipment, the DM tunnel freezer is said to maximise uptime and optimise efficiency, while giving producers and contract manufacturers the ability to adapt quickly to changing market demand.