Organic Pipers Farm pies make Lordís debut

Organic meat pie firm Pipers Farm made itís debut at Lordís Cricket Ground this month, where it will be sold to fans throughout the cricket season.

The Devon-based company uses meat reared on its farm, where the animals are grown slowly to reach natural maturity without any additives. The pies are said to be made from scratch in the on-farm kitchen to recipes using natural ingredients.

A Pipers spokesperson said: ďPipers Farmís experienced butchers have worked for months with the chefs at Lordís to produce exceptional recipes that are a world away from industrial mass-production.

ďThe selection on offer includes Red Ruby Steak & Mushroom, Pipers Farm Lamb & Mint, Pipers Farm Chicken & Saddleback Ham and Pumpkin, Goatís Cheese & Spinach.

The company added that all the meat is free from additives and is hung to achieve good taste and tenderness.

The Red Ruby Beef is hung for a month and the best muscles from the animal are selected for pie-making. Lamb is hung for three weeks and chicken for two weeks, while ham from the farmís Wessex Saddleback pigs is traditionally cured and air-dried.

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