Brakes hopes for hit with matured meat

A leading foodservice operator is hoping for success with the launch of a new branded range of matured beef cuts. Prime Meats, the speciality butcher operation for Brakes, has launched Birchstead 21 Day Matured Beef, a premium range of traditional joints and primal cuts, as well as individually and multiple skin-packed steaks.

Recent customer research carried out by Prime Meats and Birchstead showed that consumers are looking for guaranteed level of maturation for the meat on menus.

The company said the new range is ideal for caterers, hoteliers and restaurateurs, and includes ribeye, sirloin and rump, as well what it described as the "hugely underrated" top rump. Caterers now have the option of buying primals, which they can cut themselves with the guarantee of 21-day maturation, offering better value for money and yield, as well as the flexibility to cut to their required size. All products in the range benefit from at least three weeks’ maturation, which improves the meat’s depth of flavour, texture, succulence and menu appeal, the company said.

To continue Prime Meats’ support of British producers, this range has been sourced in partnership with ABP Shrewsbury from the 1,200 British farmers in their producer group partnership.

Rob McFarlane, director of Prime Meats, said: “Prime Meats is a passionate supporter of the British countryside and British farming in particular. We work closely with Red Tractor and the NFU ensuring full traceability from farm to fork, and 70% of our range of meat  and poultry comes from British farms, where the emphasis is on high welfare standards.

“We constantly seek new ways to expand the range of British products on offer and firmly believe that British beef is the best in the world. Birchstead is a name caterers can trust and is synonymous with quality and provenance. The 21-day matured British beef is a great addition to our range.”

Customers of Prime Meats’ have the extra benefit of being able to use the name ‘Birchstead’ on their menus, ensuring their customers know that they serve the best-quality beef.