Hot canned meat gains popularity

Sales of hot canned meat in supermarkets has steadily increased over the past two years, a study by Mintel has revealed.

In the last two years alone, sales have grown by 12%, compared to cold canned meats, which grew just 4%.

Continued promotional activity is said to have helped hot canned meats to grow its share of the canned meat market at the expense of cold meats by attracting new users.

Mintel’s senior fast-moving consumer goods analyst Vivianne Ihekweazu said: “Canned meats have continued to battle their perception as a lower-quality substitute to fresh meat ranges. In 2008, when Delia Smith launched her book ‘How to Cheat at Cooking’, some consumers were enraged at the suggestion that tinned mince could be substituted for fresh mince in the recipes. However, it showed consumers the versatility of canned meats and the fact that it could serve as a substitute for fresh meat in recipes – something which appears to have resonated.”

Today, hot canned meats account for as much as 56% of the canned meat market, with as many as one in five Brits now buying canned meatballs and minced beef.

Research also revealed that, today, almost 13m consumers buy branded canned meals, yet eight million feel there is no difference in taste between own-label and branded products.

Mintel added that hot canned meats are inclusive of canned meatballs, canned curries and meat in sauce, canned pies, canned chilli and canned stews.

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