Norfolk farmer fined £10,000 for dog biscuit feed

A farmer from Long Stratton, Norfolk has been fined £10,000 for feeding his cattle and pigs dog biscuits.

Tony Cushion, 57, admitted to Norwich magistrates that he had broken the law, after the case had been considered so serious that it had been presented to Government ministers.

It was when Trading Standards Officers visited the farm that Cushion was discovered feeding the biscuits to his livestock.

The feeding of dog biscuits to livestock breaches legislation passed in the wake of the BSE crisis. Tests showed that the biscuits contained animal bone and muscle.

A total of 97 cattle had passed through the farm and consumed the biscuits, with 15 now being untraceable.

Cushion said that he was experiencing hard times and was trying to economise.

Andy McArdle, of Norfolk Trading Standards, said: "The fine demonstrates the seriousness of the case."

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