Public ‘won't pay for meat with green credentials’

Over 50% of the public, given the choice, would opt for cheap meat on promotion over expensive, but eco-friendly options.

According to a new Eblex/Bpex report, just 9% of the public would opt for the carbon-light option. One-third of consumers would keep eating red meat, even if was proved to be harming the environment, the report added.

The public sees the eating of less meat as possible, but not nearly as vital as recycling, driving less or even using low-energy light bulbs, research found.

However, around 26% of the public would be prepared to reduce their meat consumption in order to help lower C02 levels.

And nearly a third of consumers said on-pack carbon labelling showing the amount of carbon required to produce certain products would influence their purchasing decisions on meat.

There was also significant support for the UK meat industry, with half of consumers not willing to eat imported meat, even if it meant domestic carbon outputs remained at a high level.

Interim chief executive of AHDB Richard Lowe said: "The impact of meat consumption is off the radar for most people. They are willing to do their bit, but not if it costs more, or if it is a personal sacrifice".

The survey, carried out in March by YouGov, sampled 2,000 adults.

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