Leicestershire abattoir plans under way

Two Leicestershire farmers have teamed up to start work on new multi-species abattoir to serve the Melton Mowbray area.

Andrew Hawley of Six Hills Farm, as well as farmer Michael Winterton, confirmed plans to construct a new abattoir near the A46 between Loughborough and Melton Mowbray.

Hawley said: “We are just waiting back on a grant request from the East Midlands Development Agency. It is a clean field site with a good network of roads. We’ve got a steel frame building organised, as well as the slaughtering and refrigeration equipment.”

He estimated that, with the new abattoir, a six-man line will be able to slaughter 60 pigs, 75 sheep and 25 cows while with a 12-man line, it should be able to get through 80 pigs, 250 sheep and 40-50 cows.

Hawley added that the abattoir should take eight months to complete once building is under way and that the nearest slaughterhouse at present is 40-50 miles away.

The new development would mean local farmers and producers would not have to travel as far for slaughter, which would slash fuel costs and reduce the time during which animals are kept in transport.

The abattoir is reported to be unanimously approved, subject to condition, by Melton Borough Council’s development committee and has the backing of organisations such as the Melton Food Partnership and Melton National Farmers’ Union.

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