Bpex eyes 'brand-based' doubling of UK pig levy

A proposed doubling of the pig levy, which could increase the spend on marketing, is being considered, Bpex has said.

Pig industry members are being consulted on possible changes with the current levy, which could raise up to £10m in a special marketing fund to promote Red Tractor pork, bacon and ham.

Eastern Region National Pig Association (NPA) representative Jimmy Butler has been calling for the levy increase during a period of relative prosperity for pork producers, but Bpex consumer marketing manager Chris Lamb told MTJ the idea was in its “very early stages” and would be determined by consulting with the industry.

Currently, an online poll in NPA publication Pig World is requesting members’ views on a potential levy-funded Red Tractor Pork marketing fund. It is asking members if they are in favour of exploring the idea of a marketing levy, if they would be prepared to pay 80p a slaughter pig and if they would prefer a statutory or voluntary levy?

Lamb added that proposed changes, if any, would not be included until the budget of Bpex’s corporate plan is released in November. If the levy increase were to be a statutory bolt-on, agreement would have to be made first by the government before it was realised.

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