Three of the best unveiled

Mecaplastic has developed three new models in its thermoforming machinery range.

The FS 910, FS 930, and FS 950, which are designed to be well-built and ergonomic with easy format changes, are said to be suitable for a variety of packaging lines, including flexible and/or rigid films with or without a protective atmosphere (MAP).

The new Mecaplastic machines are claimed to have a fast and simple format change, including ease of access to thermoforming and sealing tools, facilitated by sliding guards and hinged upper tooling. The upper tooling can be opened and closed in less than 10 seconds, added the company, thanks to Mecaplastic's patented auto-locking system. The new range also includes rapid changing of moulds and sealing plates of less than five minutes' down-time with a multi-purpose cutting system.

Mecaplastic said the thermoforming machines are carefully designed to allow online production that will work with a full range of accessories.