Odours cause a stink for meat plant

Odour sensors are to be placed in drains leading from a Huddersfield meat company plant in a bid to find the cause of a stink problem.

Reacting to concerns from local residents, Yorkshire Water is to place the odour sensors in drains leading from the Newsholme Food Group plant in the town.

Local traders and pub owners in the area, interviewed by reporters from the Examiner newspaper in Huddersfield, said that their trade was suffering because of the continued smell.

Responding to the situation, John Newsholme, managing director of Newsholme Food Group, said the company had done everything it had been asked to do in order to cure the smell problem.

He told the journalists: “What we have been asked to do, we have done. We have had the people in who put the tank in to ask their advice and, in summer, we pump it out more often because it ferments quicker. We are a big employer in the area and I am aware we do not want local people to be upset.

“We are still looking into this. I thought we had sorted it out.”

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water added: “We know that this is not immediately going to solve the residents’ issues, and we will continue to look at solutions to this problem in conjunction with the factory to ensure that the odours are minimised.”

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