Halal meat supplier Janan installs CCTV

Meat supplier Naved Syed is calling on other processors to follow his lead in installing CCTV in abattoir premises, receiving the backing of the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The Janan Meat MD has installed cameras at his slaughter and lairage stations to enable the firm to educate its employees on the importance of animal welfare and livestock handling. He added that a third party will ensure any animal cruelty is highlighted and reported to management for immediate action.

Syed also said he supports the RSPCA and Freedom Food policy on having a camera at the killing station.

An FSA spokesperson said: "The FSA supports CCTV provision in abattoirs as a way of helping businesses to comply with animal welfare regulations. The scale of the industry we regulate means our vets cannot oversee the slaughter of every individual animal and bird."

Syed will be holding an open day at his Kingswinford plant on 30 June.

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