Philippines market reopens to British pig exporters

South-east Asian country the Philippines has reopened its market to pig producers from Britain after three years.

The borders have been closed to British pig exporters since December 2007, thanks to the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the UK.

Defra and Bpex have both been working with Philippines veterinary authorities recently to gain approval for the British meat.

The first three consignments of pork have been shipped, and Bpex is expecting a market for a wide variety of pig meat.

Bpex international manager Peter Hardwick said: "The Philippines is a very important market for the fifth-quarter and offals, and we have hopes the trade will grow rapidly.

"Fifth-quarter is particularly important, as it has a low value here – in some cases even a disposal cost – while it can command good prices in some overseas markets such as the Philippines."

The Philippines suffered continuous foot-and-mouth outbreaks from 1995 to 2005 and was finally declared free of the disease in 2006.

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