Gloucester Old Spot pork given EU protected status

Meat from the Gloucester Old Spot pig variety has been given EU protected status, joining other UK products such as Melton Mowbray pies and Cornish clotted cream, as well as Parma ham and Champagne.

Both producers of the breed and Defra have been campaigning for a number of years to gain recognition for the breed, which is known for tis white skin with black spots.

There are three levels of regional protection for foodstuffs from the EU: first, Protected Designation of Origin, proving that a product is processed and prepared in a particular area.

Second there is Protected Geographical Indication, where a product can be made in an area, but with ingredients from somewhere else.

Third, Traditional Speciality Guaranteed highlights traditional character, either in composition or the means of production. This is the label given to Gloucester Old Spot.

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