YouGov survey: one in four rarely visit frozen aisles

A YouGov survey has found that 27% of consumers pay infrequent visits to the frozen food area of major retailers.

The report also found that almost half think that the frozen aisle is uninspired, with a third saying that the food on offer there is 'limited'.

Buyers also appear reluctant to change their purchasing habits when it comes to frozen items. According to the survey, 37% buy the same frozen product.

Potentially this could be due to packaging: 65% said that product design should be changed to allow people to see more of the product.

Because of the product packs, according to 62% of those surveyed, "it is difficult to tell whether frozen food is good quality or not".

James McCoy, Research Director of YouGov SixthSense, put the low footfall in frozen aisles down to location: "With frozen food aisles located at the back of the middle of most supermarkets, customers are less likely to browse in search of new products and are less suggestible to impulse buys from the frozen food selection."

The survey was carried out on 1,469 UK adults between 27 and 29 May.

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