Editor's Comment

Consumer attitudes to GM are a constant source of frustration for many in the food industry, particularly when those attitudes have been fueled by groups with a vested interest in non-GM areas to promote their own agendas.

Having said that, the GM sector has not really furthered its own agenda with some rather heavy-handed and damaging tactics of its own.

Allowing the sector to end up dominated by large US conglomerates has certainly not helped, but we can't afford to ignore the opportunities new technologies will open to us.

A sensible scientific based investigation into GM and the benefits it could bring us is vital if we're to seriously look for ways to continue to feed our growing population.

GM might not have the answers, but surely we should investigate the possibilities first? If we were so closed minded to developments, we'd never have evolved so far as a species. Giving in to simple knee-jerk reactions to scare tactics (Frankenstein foods anyone?) is not going to help us in the long term.

If we're to get serious about looking for solutions to food production and its environmental impact then surely we have to consider the possibilities offered by technology.

However you cut it, organic, despite what some would have us believe, is not a sensible or viable solution to the challenges facing us in the present and future.GM may not be either, but at least let's consider the options a little more sensibly.

Meanwhile, the budget was announced as MTJ was going to press. Initial glances suggest good news in that VAT has not been added to food, as some feared, however, the cuts and tax increases may well lead to a little less spending on the high street, which may pose challenges for our sector. We shall have to wait and see how things shake out.