Name change for NZ meat bosses

Meat & Wool New Zealand has announced it has changed its name to Beef + Lamb New Zealand. The move, which takes effect today, reflects a shift in focus for the organisation.

Anne Berryman, BLNZ regional manager for Europe, announcing the change, said: “The new name signals a new direction for our organisation as it moves into a new era with a meat-only focus, following the decision of New Zealand farmers to discontinue paying a levy on wool in the referendum held in 2009.

“The name Beef + Lamb New Zealand is shared with our partner in New Zealand’s domestic beef and lamb promotion, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Incorporated.

”Beef + Lamb New Zealand Incorporated will continue to operate in its own right, with Beef + Lamb New Zealand Limited as its principal funder, supported by New Zealand meat retailers and processors.”

The company website address will also change to www.beeflambnz.com, but Berryman said there would be no changes to the functions of New Zealand Meat Board.