European Parliament votes for cloned products ban

The European Parliament voted yesterday for a ban on meat and milk from the cloning of animals.

The Parliament also called for a suspension of the sale of foods developed with nanotechnology until these are proved by scientists to be safe.

MEP Kartika Liotard, who led the parliament's analysis of the draft laws, commented: "A majority supports my ethical objections to the industrial production of cloned meat for food.”

According to Sonja Van Tichelen, director of Eurogroup for Animals: "The EU should introduce an immediate ban on the cloning of animals for food production, and on the sale of imported food products from cloned animals and their offspring."

The European Commission is now under pressure to produce legislation to enforce a ban on cloning animals, and to prevent any products from cloned animals or their offspring being put on the European market.

MEPs will now have to debate their demands with EU member states for the proposals to become law. To date, the EU has no laws regarding cloned foods.