Bird flu update

The recent outbreak of avian influenza (AI) remains contained, Defra reports.

As of midday Sunday there remains only one infected premise and so far, all reported cases under investigation has tested free from the AI virus.

The disease was discovered in laying hens on a premises near Banbury, Oxfordshire, last week and was subsequently revealed to be the highly pathogenic H7N7 strain

Full epidemiological investigation and tracings of any dangerous contacts are still underway and all possible sources of the outbreak will be investigated.

The Health Protection Agency has confirmed that the risk to public health remains low.

A license is now available for the movement of poultry meat into, within, or out of the protected zone.

The full list of licenses is available on the Defra website: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/diseases/notifiable/disease/ai/movements/index.htm#licence