Young Butcher Talk

My name is Craig Hinds, I am 18 years old and I work at West Newton Store and Butchery, situated on the Royal Sandringham Estate, serving Red Poll beef, Dorper Lamb and rare-breed pork.

I have been interested in butchery since the age of 14, as I am a keen shooter and also interested in how to 'dress' and 'prepare' game birds and rabbits ready for the oven and the different cuts of meat and which part of the animal it comes from.

I have been at the butchery since summer 2009 and have learnt many things over the past year, such as making homemade sausages, burgers and learning how to tie up roasting joints.

As a trainee butcher, I realise the importance of cleanliness and the politeness you need working in a butcher's shop. For example cleaning knives and other equipment, sharpening knives properly, wooden blocks have to be 'scraped' with a stiff wire brush. Also, the large chillers where the meat is 'hung' and 'matured' need to be cleaned daily.

I am gaining experience that allows me to help in the preparation and cutting of the rare-breed meat, bred on the Royal Sandringham Estate, with the guidance and training of the shop manager, who shows me new ideas and skills. My daily work at West Newton Store and Butchery is to prepare and package the internet orders that come in from our website and prepare, package and write invoices to many local public houses, restaurants, hotels and local shops, as well as serving customers from the local area. Butchery is a very good trade to be in, as there are not many private butchers who have survived and taken on people like myself.