Budgens and Londis launch cooked meat ranges

Budgens and Londis are launching own-brand ranges of cooked meats with a raft of promotions on offer to customers.

The 24 lines within the Budgens range are available to customers within a four-tier selection. The 'Best' range includes breaded, honey roast, smoked and un-smoked Yorkshire Ham, roast chicken breast and topside of beef.

Other lines will include corned beef, sliced pork, wafer-thin smoked ham, pork luncheon meat and also features the SuperMeat & Fish awards finalist, Good Value Trim product.

The 13 Londis lines are comprised of three price-focused tiers and are complemented by two re-designs, for Londis cooked ham (formerly gammon ham) and Londis honey roast ham in the 'plus tier'.

The new products include breaded, cooked, smoked and honey roast ham, chicken roll and the new £1 price marked packed 4x4 lines of ham, corned beef and pork luncheon meat.

Willie Hamilton, Budgens and Londis trading director, said: "These extensive new ranges fit the brand essence of both Budgens and Londis perfectly.

"Retailers will benefit from strong profit margins and our customers will be rewarded with a brand new quality range of cooked meats, available at a fantastic prices."

To help drive sales and footfall in-store, the ranges will be supported with extensive promotional activity and point-of-sale packs.

As a further incentive for retailers and customers, a number of lines are available in a smaller case count of six, enabling retailers to offer a greater variety of stock to their customers and, at the same time, manage their stock more efficiently.

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