Mohammad Nazir to talk halal at Campden seminar

European Halal Development Agency chairman Mohammad Nazir will be speaking at Campden BRI's major meat industry seminar in October.

The event, organised by esearch company Campden BRI, will also discuss animal health, welfare and veterinary medicines issues through slaughter – along with the emerging halal meat market via the European Halal Development Agency. Factors that impinge on product quality and the consumer, such as dietary fat, are also likely to be addressed.

Liz Mulvey, event director, said: "We often receive enquiries about halal slaughter, and we will also be discussing the many and varied issues facing the white meat industry."

Two presentations will relate to quality, covering improvement and measurement/prediction, and findings will be presented on low-protein diets in pigs and how this impinges on greenhouse gas emissions.

Country-of-origin labelling legislation will be high up the agenda, as well as changes in veterinary medicines legislation, and in additive authorisations.

Poultry issues under discussion will include interpreting the definitions in the 'microbiological criteria' legislation, controlling Campylobacter, biosecurity and marketing regulations.

For further information about the event contact Daphne Llewellyn Davies at Campden BRI.

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